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Our major goal is relief of poverty, sickness, distress,
and suffering irrespective of gender, ethnicity, and religion.

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Our Programs

ONOF works around Nigeria to save lives & improve quality of live, defeat poverty and achieve social justice through various programs

Widow Empowerment

We encourage women around the world to realize their value and reach their potential through job training and education. As a result, many enrolled in our Women’s Empowerment program now own a business that allows them to better feed and care for their children

Poverty Alleviation

From providing zero interest loans to business men and women, to feeding large numbers of people, we regularly run programs aimed at reducing poverty in all its forms

Scholarship & Back To School Campaigns

We offer scholarships and provide numerous schools with necessary items such as desks, labs etc, in order to ensure every child gets quality education

Free Health Program

We provide free Healthcare to sick people, ranging from malaria to complicated surgeries. Some people are held in hospitals for their inability to complete bill payment. while some simply can't afford treatment

Community Development

From Building roads, to schools, to electricity transformers, ONOF helps in anyway we can to speedup the development of communities.

Skill Acquisition Programs

We regularly run skill acquisition programs where people can acquire skills, and knowledge to enable them get jobs, further their career or start profitable businesses.

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The youth are the future

To help youth grow into healthy, productive adults and citizens, ONOF employs a rights-based and comprehensive approach that considers all the inputs a young person needs throughout their life. Our decades of experience with youth programming spans from girls’ education to health to economic development and more.

 We address the specific and diverse needs of young people, ensuring they have access to the information, resources and support they need to escape poverty for good.


We recognize that poverty is inextricably linked to social marginalization and discrimination – and our experience has shown that simply providing young people with a few skills, then expecting them to conquer systemic injustices is not effective and does not lead to their empowerment. Rather, large-scale and sustainable change requires addressing laws, policies, gender norms and social and cultural barriers that stand in the way. By creating an enabling and equitable environment where young people can exercise their skills, knowledge and leadership, they are able to step into new roles and lead the change themselves.

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